Everyday Recreational Flower Prices

OMC Recreational Marijuana Prices

*all prices include tax


THC: <20%

G $7.15

1/8 $25

1/4 $40

1/2 $70

OZ $125


THC: 20-25%

G $9

1/8 $30

1/4 $50

1/2 $85

OZ $150


THC: 25-29.99%

G $10

1/8 $35

1/4 $60

1/2 $100

OZ $175


THC: >29.99%

G $11.50

1/8 $40

1/4 $70

1/2 $120

OZ $200

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Whenever you see THC percentage ranges listed at another dispensary, that means that where you are shopping tested that strain a minimum of 4 times over a short period and then uses those results for up to a year. While this is legal, it does not provide the most accurate portrayal of the product you are purchasing and is done as a cost saving measure by those businesses.

We at Options believe in providing the fullest cannabis experience for our customers and patients. That’s why we test every single harvest batch for potency, so the results you see on the jar in the store apply to the actual flower in that jar! We also weigh out every single purchase at the point of sale (except shake), so no pre-weighs! This provides ultimate transparency and flexibility for the most rewarding shopping experience.