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The cannabis industry has been getting even better in recent years, and the quality of recreational marijuana Colorado consumers crave is more accessible than ever. We’re fortunate to live in a state that’s consistently at the forefront of the cannabis movement, and that’s especially true in cities like Boulder.

When you visit a Boulder dispensary, you’ll be greeted by experienced budtenders who know all about the best marijuana in Colorado. They’ll help you find everything you need to get stocked up on premium cannabis products.


Best Recreational Marijuana Products

Cannabis has been associated with creativity for a long time, and there is certainly no shortage of unique marijuana products. Traditional marijuana flower still represents the most popular way to enjoy this plant, but the options don’t stop there.

When you visit one of the best dispensaries in Colorado, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of excellent cannabis to fit just about any taste and lifestyle. Start your search by familiarizing yourself with the following categories of items you can find at your local Options Medical Center dispensary in Boulder.


Premium Cannabis Flower

Flower is the most classic way to enjoy marijuana. You can find full buds, shake, or even kief, depending on what you’re looking for. From there, you can prepare a bowl in your favorite glass pipe, or roll up a joint to share with your friends.

Here at Options Medical Center, we offer some of the most popular cannabis strains in the world in addition to some of our house-grown strains. Our menu offers plenty of indicas, sativas, and hybrids, so you can find something to match your preference.



Experienced marijuana connoisseurs and first-time customers alike all seem to agree that edibles are awesome. There’s no need to inhale anything, and you can enjoy your cannabis in a variety of flavors. Choose from capsules, chewy taffy, chocolate truffles, and even cannabis drinks.


Cannabis Concentrates

Just a few years ago, only the most experienced cannabis consumers were especially interested in concentrates. Recently, though, these impressive products have become more accessible to beginners and occasional customers because of the rising popularity of products like the marijuana vape pen.

Some people prefer to buy cannabis concentrates like shatter so they can take it home to their dab rig and have greater control over the amount they consume. If you have a dab rig and the other tools, this is an exciting and enjoyable way to consume concentrates.

For most people, marijuana cartridges and cannabis vape pens are the most accessible way to enjoy concentrates. These options don’t require any additional accessories, which makes them extremely easy to use.

Furthermore, they’re portable and discreet, so you can enjoy cannabis concentrates just about anywhere. These pens look just like an e-cigarette to the untrained eye, and all you have to do is press a button to inhale freshly-vaporized marijuana concentrates.


Recreational Marijuana Near Me

Here at Options Medical Center, we take great pride in providing the best recreational marijuana Wheat Ridge and Boulder have to offer. Our growers are among the best in the world, and we work with experienced cannabis concentrate extractors and edibles makers to round out our dispensary menu.

Since 2012, we’ve been going above and beyond to grow our own one-of-a-kind flower and partner with other industry leaders. We want you to count on us for the best cannabis in Colorado, and we look forward to seeing you in our Boulder dispensary. Come visit us today, or contact us online to learn more!


Getting your Marijuana Has Never Been Easier

Options Medical Center is committed to making our products accessible and convenient to order for adult-use. We are happy to provide a fast, convenient way to pre-order your Cannabis products for in-store pick up at our Wheat Ridge location.

We understand that not everyone has time to browse our wide selection of products inside our store and want to allow everyone to access to our incredible products. We’re proud to offer online pre-orders so you can pick up your purchases without the wait.

With our online pre-order you’ll simply add the products you need to your cart, complete our check out process, and pick up your order from our Wheat Ridge location. Every pre-order is ready to be picked up that same day!

Please note, if you do not pick up your products by the end of the same day you pre-ordered them, the products will be put back onto the sales floor. Picking Up Your Marijuana has never been easier with Options Medical and Recreational Center.


We Love to Help Our Patients and Clients

If you have any questions about any of our products, product use options, ingredient information, or questions about our specials, you’re still welcome to speak to our knowledgeable budtenders in our store or over the phone.

Our budtenders will ensure you find the right strain or product for your recreational adult-use desires. You can also check out our blog to help you discover new strains, learn about new products, enter to win awesome prizes, and read reviews of new products hitting our shelves. Options Medical and Recreational Center is committed to bringing you the most up to date information on all of our strains and products

Choose from an amazing assortment of products.

Whether you’re looking for a specific strain of flower, a specific topical, or specialty product, you’ll be able to pick it up in your order. All of our customers who choose to pre-order have access to the same full product menu as our in-store consumers.

Our menu is updated in real-time to bring you the most up to date information on all the products we offer. You’ll find our products sorted by category (Sativa, hybrid, indica, concentrate, pre-rolls, cartridges, edibles).

There’s also a category specifically for the daily specials which allows you to take advantage of all our amazing deals.

Although incredibly rare, should you experience any sort of error or problem with your pre-order, please call our store as soon as you can, and we will work with you to resolve the issue. Options Medical Center provides the highest level of care possible for all our patients across Colorado.

Contact Us with Any Questions

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