Cannabis Strains: Hybrid

After looking at the differences between Indica and Sativa strains, the final frontier of the marijuana industry is the Hybrid strain. While Indica and Sativa plants have distinct characteristics that make them visually stand apart, Hybrid plants can actually fall into either category depending on which traits of the parent plants are most dominant. Here’s what you need to know:

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What is Hybrid Marijuana?

Hybrid marijuana is a broad category that includes any strain created by crossbreeding a Sativa and Indica plant. Each cross will bring forth a variety of different characteristics, such that a plant may look like a Sativa but have other characteristics from the Indica plant such as taste or smell. Creating hybrids is not an exact science, and even crossing the same two plants multiple times can produce different results from one batch to the next. It is up to the budtenders to determine which rendition has the best quality.

As you look for hybrid strains in Denver, you will find that they are typically labeled as “balanced,” meaning that they take about equal qualities from their Sativa and Indica parents, or you will find “Sativa-Dominant” and “Indica-Dominant” strains. These labels help you better understand how much of each parent is present in the resulting new strain. Over time, some Hybrids become so successful that they go on to create their own original Hybrid strains. However, it should be understood that Hybrids, just like anything else, will affect each user uniquely, and the Indica/Sativa proportions are an estimated guideline for shoppers.

How to Choose the Best Hybrid Strains?

Creating Hybrids opens up a whole wide world of possibilities when it comes to mixing the effects of Sativa and Indica plants. When comparing Hybrids, you should pay close attention to the estimated chemical levels in the strain, rather than which category it falls in. For instance, those strains higher in CBD will be better for pain management and medical purposes, while those high in THC will have a much stronger cerebral effect. These chemical differences are the most important parts in choosing the right strain for you. In addition, with hybrids, you can often find a suitable chemical composition from many different strain varieties, which gives you more options for flavor, strength, and scent.

Hybrid strains make up a vast majority of the total strains available at MMJ dispensaries today. You can find a huge selection of old and new Hybrid strains at Options Medical Center, a Wheat Ridge dispensary. Be sure to check out our Daily Deals!