Concentrates Brands: Denver Dab Co.

Denver Dab Co. Concentrates

Options Medical Center is an MMJ and recreational dispensary located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. We carry a wide variety of products for both MMJ patients as well as recreational consumers. Check out some of our deals here. Today we are excited to talk about a local Colorado favorite, Denver Dab Co!

The Denver Dab Co. in Colorado

Denver Dab Co Concentrate Brand_Options Medical CenterDenver Dab Co is a Colorado-based concentrate maker that specializes in making clean, high-quality cannabis concentrates. Some of their wide range of product include Diamonds, Live Resin, Cured Resin, Sugar Wax, Moon Rocks, Shatter, and Wax. If it’s a concentrate, they do it and do it extremely well. Their mission direct from their website sums up the entire experience of their brand perfectly. We here at Options Medical Center wholeheartedly agree and could not say it better ourselves. More technical information found on their site states that by using only the highest quality N-butane and propane, and a triple distillation process, all contaminants are removed. Residual profiles are typically 20ppm or less due to a stringent five day 100hr minimum purge cycle using a 2017 px1 machine. Denver Dab Co constantly updates their processes and stays on top of the industry standards and changes. In addition to the high-quality methods they also have strict testing procedures as well, and we here at Options Medical Center appreciate their attention to detail. If pesticides are found in any source material that product is sent back to its origin and not used. All residual Solvents, terpenes, and potency are tested and

labeled on all product to provide as much information to the consumer as possible.

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One unique aspect of Denver Dab Co is terpene retention and testing. Their processes revolve around retention of cannabis’ naturally occurring terpenes, and then they test each batch for terpenes including the type of terpene and percentage content. Common products found at Options from Denver Dab Co. will include Wax, Shatter, and Sugar wax concentrates. These products are usually gold or amber in color, with consistencies varying from gooey with a sugar-like texture to hard, glass-like shatter. Denver Dab Co’s unique extraction process allows for a very flavorful experience for the end user. Take a look at the Options Medical Center Menu, check out the best grow in Wheat Ridge, and if you have any questions about Denver Dab Co, Options Medical Center, or our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Feature image: Roxana Gonzalez/Shutterstock