Craft Concentrate

Craft Concentrates in Wheat Ridge

In our never-ending quest to provide our customers with the latest and greatest products, Options is pleased to sell top-of-the-line wax, shatter and distillate cartridges by Craft Concentrates at our Wheat Ridge dispensary!

Craft Concentrates was founded in 2015 with the goal of producing the highest quality concentrates in Colorado. They are passionate about handcrafting cannabis products and are continually innovating to improve their processes to create a smoother, cleaner and more flavorful smoke that we are proud to sell at our MMJ dispensary. Their Panacea and Sesh lines have become household names among recreational and medical cannabis users and with good reason.

What Makes Craft Concentrates Colorado’s Favorite?

  • Quality cannabis-High class concentrate begins with the highest quality cannabis. Craft’s industry-leading botanists work diligently to cultivate healthy marijuana plants that are free of mold, mildew, and pests. Their concentrates are manufactured using only these house grown, high-quality full flower cannabis bred from supreme genetics.
  • Careful refinement-Craft’s concentrates are refined by the most talented and experienced extraction artists in the industry. These experts have perfected their unique extraction processes through a combination of time-tested extraction methods and new-age knowledge and technology.
  • Constant innovation-Innovation is a core part of Craft’s mission. In the ever-evolving marijuana industry, Craftworks hard to prove, perfect and discover all aspects of concentrate production. Whether devising new techniques to increase efficiency or creatively designing new methods to extract, Craft aims to remain on top of the concentrate industry with the high-quality products expected by Colorado’s cannabis community.


What’s So Special About Craft Vape Carts?

  • Hardware-Craft’s 500mg cartridges are incredibly resilient. Each disposable cart is made from Pyrex glass and stainless steel for maximum durability. Enjoy a consistent vape from the first drag to the very last.
  • Oil-Craft’s innovative team has developed oils for their vape cartridges that deliver a smooth and potent experience with the unique flavor and characteristics from each strain. They take the potency and purity of their distillate oil and combine it with their live resin extracted from fresh cannabis. The result is a high terpene oil that is refined at the molecular level with a potency that tests as high as 95%!


How Can I Try Craft Concentrates?

Options Medical Center carries Craft cartridges, wax and shatter for both recreational customers and our medical patients! Stop into our Wheat Ridge dispensary to find out which strains are available. Don’t forget our daily specials! Wax Wednesdays are your chance to try Craft wax or distillate cartridges for 20% off every week. And, of course, Shatterday Saturdays are a great day to enjoy 20% off all shatters in the dispensary.