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Here at Options Medical Center, we believe that variety is the spice of life. There are so many interesting strains, including our own flower that we grow in-house, that there’s always something new and exciting to try. The same can be said for other cannabis products like edibles, concentrates, and topicals. We also carry flowers from some of the best growers in Colorado. All the other products on our dispensary menu are from trusted vendors who take the cannabis industry to new heights. See what’s in a name when you explore the following options.



Since Sativa strains are known to lead to bursts of energy for some people, they’re most commonly considered to be good daytime cannabis. The experience is different for everyone since the effects depend partially on your unique brain chemistry. That said, many people report feeling creative and inspired after consuming sativas. This cerebral sense of enhanced curiosity is referred to as a “head high.” If you’re interested in having some cannabis and going for a great walk, sativas may be the right place to start.



Since most people feel extremely mellow (or even sleepy) after smoking Indica strains. This is why indica is known as the “calming” cannabis choice. Most customers and medical patients like to enjoy indicas before settling in with some snacks and their favorite movie. People often report that a deep sense of calm washes over both their body and mind after smoking these kinds of strains. Consuming larger amounts of indicas may lead to a night of deep sleep, even if you didn’t feel tired before.



If Indicas make you too sleepy, and Sativas make you feel overstimulated, hybrid strains may be the middle ground. Hybrids may lead to effects that lean more toward the indica side or the sativa side, or they may be extremely well balanced. Some of our customers and patients say hybrids help them feel like they’re in an elevated state, but their feet are still firmly on the ground.

How to Choose a Cannabis Strain?

If you are unsure about which strain is best suited to your needs, we recommend speaking to one of our expert budtenders. You can also check out our entire menu online and discover the different properties of each kind of flower on our shelves, including medicinal qualities, psychoactive properties, flavor, and more.

Medical Marijuana

In some, but not all cases, medical marijuana is slightly less expensive than recreational cannabis. Here at Options Medical, we currently offer both recreational and medical marijuana in our Wheat Ridge dispensary. Our Boulder location, on the other hand, is strictly recreational. You must be at least 18 and have a valid Medical Cannabis Registry Card to purchase medical marijuana in Colorado. Anyone over the age of 21 may purchase recreational cannabis with a valid ID.

Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have and give you pointers based on desired effects or on the symptoms that you are experiencing. Even as you compare different types of Sativa and Indica strains you will find that each individual strain has different levels of potency and secondary cannabinoids that change the way you feel when you use them. It is important for recreational and medicinal smokers alike to remember that marijuana affects everybody differently. While strains have general characteristics, finding the perfect one for your needs may take some trial and error, and we are here to guide you through that process!

Our selection of flower changes frequently, so make sure you are checking back regularly to see what’s new. We also have our own grow where we are working on developing our own custom strains to better serve our customers with consistent, quality products. Contact us today to learn more about what flower we have in stock.


Edibles are one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis for both medical marijuana patients and recreational consumers. They’re a good option for people who don’t want to smoke or inhale anything. As an added bonus, these sweet treats come in a variety of flavors and textures, which makes them a real pleasure to eat.

The critical rule for cannabis edibles is to start low and go slow, especially if you’re relatively new to the experience. In other words, it’s best to start with a low dose and give it plenty of time to take effect before eating any more. This is because edibles can take a while to kick in. Most people start to get a good idea for their limits after a few times enjoying edibles.

Topical Brands

Cannabis topicals are infused oils, balms, and lotions. People like to turn to cannabis topicals for a myriad of different purposes. Some say these products have helped clear up their acne or made their skin feel softer than ever. They’re also popular among people with localized pain like arthritis or sore muscles.


Using pharmaceutical industry standards, Stratos produces immediate release tablets with impressive consistency and efficacy. In Sleep, Relax, and Energy, these tablets are perfect for the user with a very specific experience in mind, whether that is to kick start their day or wind down before bed. The ingredients used in the tablets ensure maximum digestion by the user, however Stratos does advise that their product be taken with a fatty food such as peanut butter, heavy cream, or avocado. This allows the THC to bind to that fat without the added sugar and calories of many other edibles.


Cheeba Chews

Winner of the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup, Cheeba Chews have a reputation as one of the most consistent and potent edibles on the market. With taffies in chocolate and caramel flavors, their small edible design make it a great product for people who don’t want the burden of eating an entire chocolate bar. Their medical line is especially impressive for patients with high THC tolerance.


Here at Options, we love Dixie’s recreational tinctures. Triple lab tested, they provide consistent, flavorful, and potent products in 100mg THC and CBD:THC. The dropper is also clearly marked for easy and accurate dosing. For fastest absorption, Dixie recommends administering drops underneath the tongue and holding the liquid there for 60 seconds.


CannaPunch, also known under the brand Dutch Girl, has been perfecting their products since 2009. Their non-carbonated, cannabis-infused beverages made with only the highest quality ingredients are especially popular with our recreational customers. They have managed to formulate a punch recipe that is gluten-free, soy-free, corn syrup free, as well as 100% organic and vegan. Under Dutch Girl, we carry their Stroop Wafels, which have a delicious caramel glaze that medical and recreational customers both enjoy.

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Coda Signature

Made with the purest CO2 cannabis oil, Coda Signature offers specialty, hand painted truffles in delicious gourmet flavors. Their newly launched chocolate bars are equally delicious and are some of our most popular chocolate edibles. With unique flavors such as Coffee & Doughnuts and Salt ‘n’ Nibs, the bars have flavor crystals that really bring out their amazing taste.


Our most popular edible product by far, the Wana gummies are a staple at Options. We offer them in Indica Sour Gummies, Sativa Sour Gummies, Sour Watermelon, and Sour Blueberry. Currently, our medical shop only offers Sour Assorted and Sour Watermelon Gummies. Their Jewels were recently reformulated for a fruitier taste and are now our most popular hard candy in our recreational and medical stores.

Options Medical Center

Stop by Options Medical Center today or check out our menu for a full selection of marijuana edibles from these great brands!

For those looking for the effects of smoking THC without directly combusting flower or who are just looking for something a little stronger, there are cannabis concentrates. There are many major manufacturers within the marijuana industry who are producing amazing cannabis concentrates.

What is a Concentrate?

Concentrated marijuana comes in several forms, including waxes, shatters, budders and distillates. It is derived from marijuana plants by extracting the cannabinoids from the plant and making them into a substance that can be heated to create a vapor to inhale, a process many users prefer to smoking marijuana.

There are concentrate products for both medical and recreational use. To learn more about the differences between types of marijuana concentrates, check out this introductory article on Leafly:

Marijuana Concentrates at Options Medical Center

Our Wheat Ridge dispensary is home to a huge selection of concentrates from trusted brands, including:

Options Medical Center

West Edison:

Founded by Andrew Schrot in 2011, Blue Kudu positioned itself as one of the biggest names in cannabis edibles by creating high-quality, delicious chocolates. Schrot uses a secret formula to whip up batches of creamy milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and mixed flavored bars. At 100mg total, each bar has 10 little squares of chocolate containing 10mg of THC so you can portion your doses easily.

Options Medical Center

Green Dot:

Greet Dot Labs produces concentrates free from residual solvents and are well known for their focus on shatter extracts. Green Dot Labs Cultivation, Extraction, and Customer Service teams are headed by industry leaders with years of experience and dedication.

Options Medical Center


Craft, based out of Pueblo Colorado, produces several lines of concentrate, including the Panacea Line, Sesh Line and Distillate. They are constantly challenging themselves to improve their processes and products to give you the highest-quality concentrates, strains, and edibles on the market.

Options Medical Center

Concentrate Supply Co.:

Concentrate Supply Co (CSC) is a leading concentrate brand serving Colorado medical and recreational dispensaries with a comprehensive product line, offered through private label services and wholesale inventory. The company performs non solvent (water hash and rosin), hydrocarbon (butane, mixed gas and propane), and co2 extractions, in addition to refinement (distillation and fluid processing into water soluble products), and edibles.

Denver Dab CO.:

Options Medical Center is proud to offer Denver Dab CO. concentrate products! They emphasize pure and high quality products through processing and testing standards.

Options Medical Center

710 Labs (The Pure):

This longtime company in the cannabis business produces highly-refined concentrates and more.

Options Medical Center


IndigoPro is the newest vape brand on our shelves but one of our best selling. Their vibrating pen allows the user to know when the vaporizer is activated, and their magnetized carts make the pen extremely user friendly. They strive to advance vaping technology for the most ideal vape experience.

Nomad Cannabis:

Nomad Cannabis joints and BHO begin with a blend of their own flower and flower grown by a carefully selected green-network of gardens. They select the freshest and most potent flower to process into keif, joints and oil.

Making the Most Out of Concentrates

There are a variety of ways to consume your marijuana concentrates. You can use a dab rig, vape pen, e-nail or even mix it in with your flower. To get the best flavors and effects from your concentrates, we recommend a dab rig or a vape pen (with globe attachment or cartridge).

You will find that despite that these products are highly concentrated, they also offer a great taste that makes them a real treat.

Options Medical Center

Options Medical Center

When you visit Options Medical Center you can check out our entire selection of concentrates with the help of one of our team members. We will point you in the direction of the medical or recreational products that are best suited to your needs. We can also help you find concentrates made from your favorite strains so you can enjoy the same effects you already love. Contact us today at 720-242-9452!