6 Edible Products

Coffee & Donuts 100mg

Coda Signature is one of the premier edible makers in the world, and this product is one of their greatest hits. They specialize in creating THC edibles that push the boundaries of imagination to delight and inspire their customers. This particular bar combines creamy milk chocolate with the simple pleasure of coffee and donuts. The coffee flavor is robust without being overpowering, which makes it the perfect complement to chocolate. The heavenly combination is completed with cinnamon sugar to create a delightful sensation that reminds you of your favorite morning treat. The bold mix of flavors is unlike anything else you’ve ever had.

Taste Budz Blue Indica Blue Raspberry Gummies 100mg

TasteBudz has delivered a delicious new flavor of their signature gummies. These diamond-shaped gummies have the perfect level of chewiness, and the blue raspberry flavoring is a perfect match for the natural essence of cannabis. These THC gummies work effectively every time thanks to the careful attention to detail that goes into them. Customers will notice a slow creeping feeling that quickly turns into a full-bodied feeling of comfortable relaxation. The powerful indica properties make this a great night-time edible. Enjoy one of these chewy treats before you relax on the couch or get ready for bed.

Wonderland Cherry Wonder Stix 10mg

As a child, there were few candies more coveted than the paper straws that allowed us to pour sugary powder directly onto our tongues. Now you can bring that same indulgent joy to your experience of cannabis thanks to Wonder Stix. These visually appealing treats come in plastic tubes, and customers can choose from seven fun flavors:

  • Grape
  • Sour Apple
  • Cherry
  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Tropical Punch
  • Raspberry Lemonade

Each one of these fun options offers a satisfying mixture of sweetness and tart flavor to go along with the delightful feeling of powder melting on your tongue. Popping sweets among the powder add even more to the sensation.

Wana Exotic Yuzu 2:1 CBD Gummies 100mg THC 200mg CBD

These sour gummies are a big hit among discerning consumers who want something unlike any other edible they’ve tried. Yuzu is an exotic citrus fruit found in Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin dishes. These vegan-friendly cannabis gummies are carefully crafted for both effect and flavor. The 2:1 CBD to THC ratio makes this a great way to get both of the popular cannabinoids. This delicious twist on citrus gummies will impress everyone from foodies to experienced cannabis consumers who thought they’d seen it all.

Incredible Mile High Mint 100mg

Incredibles has been gaining trust and winning awards since they originated in Denver in 2010. They make several flavors of cannabis edibles, and the Mile High Mint might be the best one yet. The mint chocolate flavor is a classic: sweet and refreshing at the same time. Recreational Incredibles come in 100mg bars that are divided into squares for easy dosing. Every bar is tested three times for accuracy, so you’ll have a consistent experience every time you peel back the wrapper.

Keef Cola 100mg Blueberry Lemonade

Keef Cola launched their new Keef Life line for a more health-conscious consumer. With under 50 calories in a 100mg bottle, this drink has less than five calories in a single serving. You might not be able to tell this is a low-calorie drink when the blueberry lemon flavor is dancing across your tongue. Add a splash to your tea or lemonade, or enjoy it all by itself. This product is a fan favorite among customers who love the easy dosing and powerful effect from edibles but don’t want to consume a lot of sugar. The Blueberry Lemon flavor is intended to help customers relax and is made with indica.